Audacity reaches 100 MILLION Downloads

Hello everyone! It is with great pleasure that we share this news with you:

Our download partner, FossHub, has published a wonderful blog post announcing that feat to the world.

It makes us very proud to be their #1 downloaded open source app, and we know that Audacity has been downloaded more than 100 million times since it’s birthday 20 years ago!

Without further ado, let me link to the announcement on the FossHub Blog!


The Audacity Team

More Sad News

I am writing this in tears, heartbroken. Vaughan Johnson, who was an Audacity Team member since 2002, passed away in December 26th, 2018.

We just found out. He made significant contributions to Audacity, coded one of our first web pages, and was a central Team member. He was an extremely intelligent person, fun and complex like all geniuses seem to be.

I am not able to write something better now, so please let me share his obituary page. Maybe some of you would like to plant a tree in his name.

But I suggest a donation to the Jazz Foundation.

Thank you for reading.

We will always remember you.


Happy 20th Birthday, Audacity!

Happy Birthday! Audacity turns 20 today with the first released version, Audacity 0.8, having been released on the 28th of May, 2000.  In these 20 years many operating systems have come and gone, and we’re still here and running.

Audacity is used by a community of artists, scientists, music and sound lovers, podcasters, narrators. Audacity has even made appearances in a number of TV series and movies. But, especially, Audacity is used and supported by you.

So, feel free to share the news in social media, drop by our official facebook page and leave us a message. Sound is welcome. Visualizations as well.

PS: Yes we know the cake only has 13 candles We’ll say some of the candles count double, and that lets us use a public domain image rather than a commercial one.

Cake image by George Grimm Howell, License CC0. Thank you, George!

IMPORTANT: DNS changes for !

DNS changes for – let us know if you experience any issues

On Monday 24/April/2017, at 16:45 UTC, we have changed our DNS nameservers for the domain to use CloudFlare, which will allow us to finally implement SSL and other additional security measures, and support increasing traffic to our websites.

If you find any issues, especially if you are not able to reach feedback at audacityteam dot org or our Forum, Wiki, Manual or Hub sites,  please contact us using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (icons are at the top of the page).

Rest assured that any issues that appear during the deployment of CloudFlare will be dealt with quickly and appropriately.

Yours truly,
The Audacity Team!