Enhanced Ruler – GSoC 2022 Week 6

Hi everyone! I wanted to withhold this week’s post until the midterm evaluation for Google Summer of Code, which we passed! I’m very excited for the second half of the project 🙂

I want to post a few images to demonstrate how far the project has come!

The dialogue box to change to the Linear Decibel ruler
The Linear Decibel ruler, which uses Custom Ruler infrastructure
The updated preferences menu

Accomplished this week:

  • Developed the Linear Decibel ruler for waveforms.
  • Fleshed out Custom Ruler options.
  • Merged changes from Week 1 that separated units from text on labels into current code.

To accomplish this upcoming week:

  • Fix known issues with Linear Decibel ruler (doesn’t work at non-default decibel ranges)
  • Increase polymorphism of rulers through the create of a SetUpdaterData function that will pass whatever kind of context an updater needs to perform its function. This will reduce the dependence of Updater on Ruler even further.
  • Clean up comments and past Git history, and improve code quality through name-changes and usage of constants.