GSOC 2021 with Audacity – Week 1

In this week, I have conducted meetings with my mentor and learned more about the rendering logic, how different methods of inherited UIHandler works together, and we have set the expectation for the following few weeks, I have also completed a prototype of the brush tool.

Works done in this week:

  1. Created BrushHandle, inherited some basic functions and logic.
  2. Tried different approaches for displaying the brush trails in real-time, including rendering from the BrushHandle and SpectrumView respectively.
  3. Setup data structure to store and convert the mouse events into frequency-time bins (adapted automatically to different user scaling).

Next week’s goal:

  1. Change the color of the selected area, to adapt to the existing color gradient scheme
  2. Refactor the data structure of the selected area
  3. Implement new UI components, to erase or apply the editing effect
  4. Append the selection to the state history