Sad News

August 18th, 2017.

With a very heavy heart and loaded eyes I write these lines to let the Audacity Community know that our beloved and respected friend and colleague Gale Andrews passed away on August 10th, 2017, for health reasons.

His long involvement with Audacity is legendary. If you ever posted on the forum or sent an email to [email protected] you surely received a useful reply from him… right above a friendly reminder that “[email protected] is not a support address”. Yet he always, ALWAYS helped everyone.

As far as we know, the Audacity Community was his only family.

Gale joined the Audacity Team in 2007, was a graduate in Economics, and advised us on support and documentation issues. He had previously worked in survey research for one of the UK’s now disbanded Industrial Training Boards, then ran a secondhand classical LP record business for some twenty years. Gale started using Audacity back in 2005 for transferring vinyl records to computer, and generally editing his collection of digital audio files.

As one of the most active people on the Wiki, Gale would have been happy to help with any problems you may have had using the Wiki. However, for personal help using  Audacity, he would have suggested you posted  a question on the Audacity forum.

Please, we ask you to dedicate a moment to his memory the next time you open Audacity.

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