Source Separation – GSoC 2021 Week 8

Hi all! Here are some updates for this week. 

  • I cleaned up the commit history for the deep learning implementation and opened a pull request in the official audacity repo. 
  • Added a dialog for manually specifying a HuggingFace repo to fetch (github). 
  • Fixed a bug where ModelCards weren’t scrollable until the user manually resized the window (github).
  • Amended the download behavior so the downloaded model file is written to file incrementally, lowering memory consumption (github). 
  • Added sorting to ModelCard panels (github).
  • Fixed several other bugs in the Model Manger and its UI (github).

To do

  • Start writing documentation for model contributors. The documentation should provide instructions on how to properly structure a HuggingFace repo for an audacity model, write a metadata file, and properly export the deep model to torchscript, ensuring that it meets the input/output constraints in Audacity. 
  • Continue to fix open issues with the model manager. 
  • Make ModelCards collapsible. Right now, only 2-3 can be shown on screen at a time. It may be a good idea to offer a collapsed view of the ModelCard. 
  • Provide a hyperlink (or a more info button) that points to the model’s HuggingFace readme somewhere in the ModelCard panel, so users can view more information about the model online (e.g. datasets, benchmarks, performance, examples).