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Audacity 3.4

By Leo Wattenberg

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Watch the release video!

We are excited to announce Audacity 3.4, which adds the following features:

  • Beats and measures grid: You can now easily align your audio clips to the musical tempo and rhythm of your project. The grid shows you the subdivisions of each measure depending on your zoom level, and you can snap your clips to the nearest beat.
  • Time stretching: You can now change the duration of your audio clips without affecting their pitch non-destructively. Audacity 3.4 uses a new time stretching algorithm specifically made for music, which outperforms many of the commercially available options.
  • New exporter: You now have all options for exporting in a single window, including advanced options for 5.1 exporting. The exporter now features the native file browser, giving you access to all your bookmarked folders.

A more detailed overview of these changes can be found in our changelog. You can download Audacity on