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The Next Steps for & Audacity

By Audacity Team

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

In this update, we wanted to share our future goals for, including a focus on building a creator-first platform.

As has grown, we’ve realized — through in-depth research and discussions with our community — that many creators are interested in sophisticated cloud tools to help collaborate, sell, manage and distribute their work.

That’s why we’re planning to soon include a cloud-saving feature on that allows creators to work on Audacity projects that are saved directly to the cloud. This means that by signing in to on any device, you can immediately continue working on your Audacity project. This feature will also provide a convenient way to share your projects with others, and get feedback instantly. It’s a first, exciting step in providing a space that enables audiophiles, podcasters and musicians to collaborate together.

Building this kind of capability is complicated, so we’ll soon launch a beta release to let you try it out and provide feedback. We expect to be releasing this Beta in mid-February.

We want to provide the best creator tools and services we can while still growing revenue to invest into our products. And while many features will remain free, the new cloud storage feature will incur additional costs for our team. So we will offer 5 projects completely free, but charge a small fee for usage beyond this amount.

Audacity will, of course, always remain 100% free and open source.

We’d love to hear your opinions about this, including the kinds of additional tools you think we should build. Please let us know what you think in our forum. Thanks for your continued support,

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