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Current version 3.5.1

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FFmpeg import/export library

An optional library which handles additional file formats (like WMA, M4A, AC3 and others)

Link to FFmpeg library


Elevate your productions with a vast selection of third-party plugins, including VST3, Nyquist and more.

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About these downloads

System requirements

Audacity is tested on Ubuntu 22.04 and should work on most major distributions. Audacity has no specific CPU or GPU requirements and should be able to run on any amd64-based computer. The AppImage requires FUSE 2 to run.

Note: Audacity requires fast, uninterrupted access to a hard drive or SSD to operate. Network storage, consumer-grade external hard drives or USB thumbdrives may be unreliable.

Other versions of Audacity

You can download older versions of Audacity on Fosshub.

Note that prior to Audacity 3.0.3, the Audacity team did not release any binaries themselves.

In addition to our releases, the Linux community has alternative releases (such as debs, rpms or flatpacks) available which may have distribution-specific patches applied to them.