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Help us test our new beta!

We are looking for feedback on our new features in this release.

Cloud project saving

For this beta, please try Cloud saving. To do that, simply record some audio, then press Ctrl+S. You'll be guided from there.

We've introduced a new cloud-saving feature that allows you to save your Audacity projects to This allows you to work from any device, share & collaborate with others and restore previous versions if you lose work.

Submit your feedback!

We're always eager to hear what you have to say, but it's especially important we hear from you during this early phase. Please let us know what you think, using the following places:

And with all that out of the way: Happy testing!

Addtional features

Automatic loop detection

Audacity can now automatically detect the tempo of imported loops, and adjust them to be in tempo.

Tempo detection is done via both audio analysis and metadata checking. If you want to prepare your loop for automatic tempo detection without relying on audio analysis, both acidizer tempo tags or simply writing "123 bpm" anywhere into the filename work.

Pitch shifting

You now can non-destructively change the pitch of a clip by selecting a clip and pressing Alt + or . Alternatively, you can click on the overflow menu (...) and select "Pitch and speed...". When changing the pitch this way, an arrow in the UI indicates how much you've shifted it. Learn More...

And even more!

Audacity 3.5 has received many more updates and improvements. You can read all of them in the changelog.